Tori & Lucas {Urban Engagement Session | Kansas City Wedding Photography}

The best things in life often come from the places we don’t think they can.  Tori got invited to a wedding at the Lake of the Ozark and she really did not want to go.  Lucas was a groomsmen in the wedding and right before the wedding Tori stumbled upon a picture of him on Facebook wearing a crown.  She told him he makes a pretty princess and the rest just fell into place.  I am so excited for their wedding at Longview Mansion next May!  Enjoy!Kansas-City-Urban-Engagement-Photographer-1 Kansas-City-Urban-Engagement-Photographer-2 Kansas-City-Urban-Engagement-Photographer-3 Kansas-City-Urban-Engagement-Photographer-4 Kansas-City-Urban-Engagement-Photographer-5 Kansas-City-Urban-Engagement-Photographer-6 Kansas-City-Urban-Engagement-Photographer-7 Kansas-City-Urban-Engagement-Photographer-8 Kansas-City-Urban-Engagement-Photographer-9 Kansas-City-Urban-Engagement-Photographer-10 Kansas-City-Urban-Engagement-Photographer-11 Kansas-City-Urban-Engagement-Photographer-12 Kansas-City-Urban-Engagement-Photographer-13 Kansas-City-Urban-Engagement-Photographer-14

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