Tori & Lucas {Wedding Day at Longview Mansion | Kansas City Wedding Photography}

When I first met Lucas and Tori they told me that their inspiration for their wedding was puzzle pieces.  It was not only an activity that they loved doing together but they loved the symbolism behind the puzzles.  As Tori says below puzzles”fit” them.  But the thing about Lucas and Tori is that they “fit” each other.  From our very first engagement session it was easy to get these two to be natural together in front of a camera because that is just how they are no matter where they are.  They have this way of focusing in on each other in such a way that makes it hard to interrupt them for fear of disrupting their moments together.  Their stunning Longview Mansion wedding day was a culmination of everything and everyone they love.  All of their pieces finding the perfect place.  Enjoy!
From Tori:
Favorite Moment of the Day: It is impossible to pick one favorite moment, but if I had to narrow it down it would be my first look with Lucas, and reading our vows to each other during the wedding. There is something amazing about writing your own vows and being able to tell the love of your life how special they are and how you promise to be a team for the rest of your life together.
Inspiration for the wedding: Lucas and I love doing puzzles together, and it seemed to “fit” for us. It was perfect to be able to put little “pieces” of our personality into the wedding without it becoming overwhelming and in your face.
Advice to brides planning in the future: Take your time and have fun it goes by so fast. I honestly thought that by starting over a year in advance that it would never get here, but it did and now I get to start the fun part of being married. Honestly, try not to stress because in the end you will not remember all of the little details, you will just remember being in love and having your favorite people by your side supporting you.
Anything else you really don’t want me to forget: I have to give a shout out to my mom. I don’t know how this day would have come together if it would not have been for her. She put in so much hard work getting all of the little details just right: Sparklers, table numbers, and so much more. I really believe having my mother be part of my day made it so special, and helped me to stay calm all day long.
Special thanks to my second photographer Kami Van Slyke.

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Bridal Accessories: Ida’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Ida’s Bridal
Tuxedos/Suits:  Mens Wearhouse
Grooms Cake: Cake Whimzy
Rentals: Celebration Party Rentals– Lees Summit, Linens
Donuts: Lamar’s
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