Urban Kansas City Family Photography {L Family}

There is nothing more wonderful to me than becoming the family photographer.  I first met the L family when I had the amazing opportunity to photograph Mollie’s wedding two years ago.  Since then not only have I come ago completely adore them all (and their amazing sense of style) but it has been so sweet to watch their families grow.  Enjoy!Urban-Kansas-City_Family-Photography-1 Urban-Kansas-City_Family-Photography-2 Urban-Kansas-City_Family-Photography-3 Urban-Kansas-City_Family-Photography-4 Urban-Kansas-City_Family-Photography-5 Urban-Kansas-City_Family-Photography-6 Urban-Kansas-City_Family-Photography-7 Urban-Kansas-City_Family-Photography-8 Urban-Kansas-City_Family-Photography-9 Urban-Kansas-City_Family-Photography-10 Urban-Kansas-City_Family-Photography-11 Urban-Kansas-City_Family-Photography-12

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