Vinita & Amit Part 1 {Kansas City Indian Wedding Photography}

When you envision an Indian wedding many people instantly recall vivid images full of color and the intricate design of mehndi.  A tradition that dates back into ancient times, mehndi represents the bond of matrimony.  It is believed that the darker the color of the mehndi the more a bride will be loved by her husband and her in-laws.  In shooting Vinita’s mehndi ceremony, I realized quickly that the while the art of applying the mehndi is fascinating and beautiful, the relationships happening around the application were far more beautiful and important.  Vinita was surrounded by so many close family and friends, including many who had traveled halfway across the world to be there.  These people loved her deeply and were overjoyed to share in the first of many ceremonies to prepare her for her wedding day.

I also had the opportunity to see just how open and loving those relationships were, when I came back that evening for a special dinner at the home of Vinita’s parents.  Her entire family had arrived and waited anxiously for the arrival of Amit’s family.  The welcoming of the in-laws in to their home was also the welcoming of those special people into their lives and their hearts.  Not just two people coming together for a marriage but two families forming a union that would forever surround and love the new couple.  Enjoy!

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